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The Caribbean's premier designer brings her coveted clothes to virtual worlds.

"I totally 'get it' why women and men around the globe love the creative and fashion platform of Second Life and other virtual worlds. My team has worked hard to replicate my RL designs so that they look as good or even better than the real thing. I hope you enjoy them and look forward to seeing and meeting my new ' SL family' of fashionistas."


Sunday, 31 July 2011

Fabulous Video on Meiling Exhibition

RL really crosses with SL

We are thrilled to announce that a superbly slick video has been done by SL videographer Sophia Yates on the Crossing the Line: The Magic of Meiling exhibition at the Crimarizon Arts and Fashion Museum.
The Crossing the Line theme has truly converged with SL since in real life an extremely talented film maker called Sophie Mayers also did a documentary piece on the RL Meiling. Isn't that amazing the similarity in the names!
Here is the link to the video on You Tube.

The exhibition opening was a major success with Meiling Couturier meeting and greeting visitors, as well as, answering questions about the transition from RL to SL.
And as a special treat, there is a box on the table in the gallery with a MEILING 50 L gift certificate which expires at the end of August when the exhibition closes.  Drop in to pick up yours - only one per visitor.

A thank you to Sinergy Flux, gallery manager for inviting the MEILING brand to showcase and also to Balthazar Fouroux and Chigadee London who designed and set up the exhibition.

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